Committee Descriptions

Awards CommitteeThe Awards Committee is responsible for the administration of NREDA's various awards that will be presented at the Annual Conference. Currently there are two awards competitions with the potential for multiple deserving recipients. The Rural Economic Development Leadership Award recognizes outstanding leadership in the field of rural economic development. Nominees are those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in an economic development project resulting in the improvement of the quality of life, creation of new jobs, and opportunity for growth and development in rural America. The Organization Excellence Award is designed to recognize utility/economic development organization or associations/government entities that have implemented a successful rural economic development program for their area. Focus will be on the success of communicating the program, improvements to the business climate, and measurable results and outcomes.

This Committee will solicit nominations for both awards and will make a selection regarding a recipient or recipients for each award. NREDA also has a President's Award that is optional each year. This award is selected and presented by the President to recognize an individual or individuals within NREDA that deserve special recognition for their efforts and leadership within NREDA. This Committee will coordinate with the President on this award selection.
Bylaws and Parliamentarian CommitteeThe Bylaws Committee and Parliamentarian is responsible for working with the Board and Executive Director to enact any bylaw changes that are deemed necessary during the course of the year. This Committee will also advise the Board on matters of parliamentary procedure and serve as the final authority on parliamentary procedure and the interpretation of bylaws.
Annual Conference Planning CommitteeThe Annual Conference Committee is responsible for the planning of the Annual Conference held in November. This planning function includes: Developing the program schedule and program content; selecting and securing speakers; In conjunction with the NREDA Meeting Planner, establishing a conference budget; developing conference registration materials; soliciting and securing conference sponsors and exhibitors; In conjunction with the Editor, write monthly News Brief newsletter articles as a reminder to NREDA members of the various conference highlights.
Development (Non-Dues) & Sponsorship CommitteeThe Development Committee is responsible for researching potential The Development Committee is responsible for researching potential NREDA revenue generating ideas other than membership dues income. The Committee will receive proposals from potential vendors, partners or alliances that offer programs, review opportunities, and present options to the NREDA Board of Directors. This Committee will develop and cultivate sponsorship relationships and opportunities.
Finance CommitteeThe Finance Committee shall consist of members of the Executive Committee and can include Individual Members of the association and chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer. The Finance Committee is responsible for overseeing a year-end review or audit of NREDA's finances and making a report to the membership regarding the outcome of the annual audit or financial review during the Annual Business Meeting that is held during the Annual Conference. The Finance Committee also develops the annual budget.
Rural Issues CommitteeThe Rural Issues Committee is responsible for monitoring federal legislation that may have an impact on economic development in rural America. The Committee will keep the Board apprised of this legislation. This monitoring will include developing and maintaining relationships with the legislative staffs of affiliated organizations such as NTCA, NRTC, NRECA, NADO and CFC.
Membership CommitteeThe Membership Committee is responsible for leading NREDA's efforts to attract new members and retain existing members. This includes, but is not limited to developing marketing (attraction) materials and campaigns and contacting non-renewals.
Nominating CommitteeThe Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating a slate of directors and officers that will be presented to the membership for ratification at the NREDA Annual Conference - Annual Business Meeting. The Committee will also work with the President to fill in Board and Officer vacancies that may occur during the year. Members of this Committee shall consist of the First Vice President, Immediate Past President and two Individual member representatives.
Past Presidents CouncilThe Past Presidents’ Council will consist of all Past Presidents of NREDA. The direction of this council is determined by the Board of Directors and tasks will be assigned as necessary.
Publications & Marketing CommitteeThe Publications & Marketing Committee is responsible for the editorial content of the NREDA News Brief and the monitoring updates and maintenance of the website. The Publications & Marketing Committee chair will contact all NREDA committee chairs periodically to encourage activities updates for the NREDA News Brief.
Professional Development CommitteeThe Professional Development Committee is responsible for determining the professional development needs of the membership of NREDA and recommending appropriate programs to address those needs. This will include surveying the membership through the Web site, emails, mailings, etc. to determine what types of topical educational programs would be of interest. This Committee would then make recommendations to the Board on specific programs that NREDA should initiate. If it is determined by the Committee and Board that a topical program should be presented each year, the Committee would be responsible for developing the program. This Committee will also screen opportunities that are presented to NREDA for co-sponsorships of outside educational/training programs. They will then make a recommendation to the Board for any programs that they feel NREDA should co-sponsor.
Strategic Alliances CommitteeThe Strategic Alliances Committee is responsible for identifying organizations that NREDA should consider for strategic partnerships. These may be any organizations that have a similar mission to promote rural economic development or that have research, training programs or other services that could be of benefit to NREDA members, etc. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board on organizations that they feel would be good strategic fits for NREDA. Upon Board approval, the Committee will work to negotiate reciprocal agreements on memberships, exhibit spaces, conference registrations etc.