Message from the President
By Bruce Nuzum, 2018 NREDA President

Bruce Nuzum, NREDA President
Before you leave for St. Pete, I want to remind you that the Federal Reserve Bank is asking for your help. As I mentioned in a previous column, every year the 12 Federal Reserve Banks (FRBs) jointly conduct a national survey of small businesses owners. The survey asks about current and expected future financing needs as well as the business’ experience while seeking that credit. To reach these small businesses, the FRBs ask economic development organizations to forward basic information regarding the survey and a link to the questions. The FRBs hope that having a local organization requesting participation in the survey will increase the numbers of participants.
This year's survey is already open and the Federal Reserve is asking NREDA members to help this effort by simply forwarding information and the survey link to local businesses and key accounts. To help make this as easy as possible for you, this newsletter includes suggested wording for an email that you can use to introduce the survey to business owners you know. It also includes a special link to the questions which is unique to NREDA organizations. So, if we have more than 50 business owners respond via the NREDA link, it will allow the Federal Reserve Bank to tally a special report of rural businesses. Please know the survey is anonymous and will not be a burden to those participating.

I hope you'll take a few minutes and forward the information out to your local businesses and key accounts. And as always, if you have questions or comments for me this survey or anything NREDA, please email me at

See you this week in St. Pete for another great NREDA Annual Conference!