NREDA is a national organization focused on rural development for community and economic developers and key accounts managers, who work for electric and telephone cooperatives. NREDA provides education, advocacy, and networking opportunities for its members.

Why is joining the National Rural Economic Developers Association (NREDA) important?

NREDA is THE national organization focused on RURAL DEVELOPMENT and provides education, rural issues information, and networking opportunities to its members.

Who should join NREDA?

Community and economic developers, key accounts managers who work for electric and telecommunications cooperatives, local economic development organizations, consultants, vendors and government agencies related to rural development.

Fee Structure (per calendar year):
  • $250 Special Rate for new members only.
  • $395 for one person
  • $325 each for two or more from the same organization
  • $50 for Student or Retired member


Interested in group membership?

A group membership rate is available for defined regional organizations of several members from separate development organizations. 

Affiliate Limited Member Rates:
  • $ 500 for 2-4 members
  • $1,000 for 5-10 members
  • $1,500 for 11-15 members
  • $2,000 for 16-20 members

If the regional group has more than 20 members, they pay $1,000 per each additional group of 10.

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